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Welcome to the Chair of Ecosystem Management


The Chair of Ecosystem Management does research on ecological processes underlying plant reproduction in the context of land cover change and conservation, principally in tropical forested landscapes. Our research spans pure and applied topics, from local to global scales.

The group belongs to several networks and competence centres, including the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Centre, the ETH World Food Systems Centre, and ETH Genetic Diversity Centre.

The Forest Management and Development group is affiliated to the Chair of Ecosystem Management.

Prince Bernhard Chair Inaugural Lecture

Back to the Future: Restoring the Past for an Uncertain Future (PPTX, 29.5 MB)

Jaboury's Inuagural Lecture at Utrecht University for the Prince Bernhard Chair of International Nature Conservation

New Opportunities

We currently have openings for Masters research projects


Conservation Management field course in Scotland (24 June - 1 July 2017) ... we are now accepting applications from PhD and Masters students. Check it out here.

Bachelor, Master, and PhD courses focus on ecosystem management, resilience ecology, tropical rain forest ecology, and conservation, as well as environmental literature and philosophy. Our teaching draws on experience from across the world. The group also runs field courses in Scotland, Serbia, Switzerland, Belize, and Borneo.

Contact Details

ETH Zürich
Institute for Terrestrial Ecosystems
Professorship Ecosystem Management
Universitaetstrasse 16
Zurich 8092, Switzerland

Phone: +41 44 632 86 30
Fax: +41 44 632 15 75

Recent Publications

Ghazoul, J. and Chazdon, R. (2017) Degradation and recovery in changing forest landscapes: A multiscale conceptual framework. Annual Review of Environment and Resources, in press.

Nesper, M., Kueffer, C., Krishnan, S., Kushalappa, C.G., and Ghazoul, J. (2017) Shade tree diversity enhances coffee production and quality in agroforestry systems in the Western Ghats. Agroforestry, Ecosystems and Environment. In press.

Bachofen, C., Moser, B., Hoch, G., Ghazoul, J. and Wohlgemuth, T. (2017) No carbon 'bet hedging' in pine seedlings under severe drought and elevated CO2. Journal of Ecology, in press.

Knaus, F. (2017) Verfehlte Agrarpolitik - Subventionen gehen an Zulieferer. Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 15.6.2017, 9.

Braaker, S., Obrist, M., Ghazoul, J. and Moretti, M. (2017) Habitat connectivity and local conditions shape taxonomic and functional diversity of arthropods on green roofs. Journal of Animal Ecology, 86, 521-531.

Ismail, S.A., Ghazoul, J., Ravikanth, G., Kushalappa, C.G., Uma Shannker, R. and Kettle, C.J. (2017) Evaluating realised seed dispersal across fragmented tropical landscapes: a two-fold approach using parentage analysis and the neighbourhood model. New Phytologist, 214, 1307-1316.

Ghazoul, J. (2016) Dipterocarp Biology, Ecology and Conservation. 307 pages. Oxford University Press.

Ghazoul, J. (2015) Forests: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford University Press. Have a look!

More publications

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