Professor of Ecosystem Management

Haase, Josephine, Dr.

Josephine Haase

ETH Zürich
Dr. Josephine Haase
ITES - Ecosystem Management
CHN G74.2
Universitaetstrasse 16
8092 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 632 6194
Fax: +41 44 632 1575

Contact in Germany:

University of Freiburg
Faculty of Biology - Geobotany
Schaenzlestrasse 1 - Room A203
D-79104 Freiburg, Germany

Phone: +49 761 203 2623
Fax: +49 761 203 2696
E-mail: josephine.haase(at)

Research Interests

My main interests are to understand the functional linkages between species and trophic levels and how these processes determine large scale ecological patterns. Species interactions with their environment and with each other, including plant-animal systems and above- and belowground linkages, has been a theme of my research for the last years. Currently, I focus on the effects of temperate tree diversity and composition for ecosystem functioning and multitrophic interactions. The main objectives are to quantify the functional significance of tree diversity for productivity and resistance against pests (e.g. herbivores, pathogens) based on data obtained from experimental tree plantations in Germany (the BIOTREE experiment) and from National Forest Inventories (NFI).




BACCARA - Biodiversity and Climate Change, a Risk Analysis

BACCARA’s main goal is to build scientific foundations for developing tools allowing forest managers and policy makers to evaluate risk of European forest biodiversity and productivity loss under climate change. The scope of BACCARA encompasses forest composition at multiple trophic levels, i.e. assemblages of forest symbionts (mycorrhiza), producers (keystone tree species), consumers (herbivores and pathogens) and their predators. The concept of the project is to construct a 3-dimensional risk assessment model linking climate change, functional diversity, and forest productivity.

BACCARA is a project receiving funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/ 2007-2013) under the grant agreement n° 226299


Curriculum vitae

2009-present Post-doctoral research in the Ecosystem Management group of Prof. J. Ghazoul at the ETH Zurich and in the Geobotany group of Prof. M. Scherer-Lorenzen at the University of Freiburg
2005-2009 Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), Halle, Germany & Institute for Environmental Sciences, University of Zurich.
PhD thesis: “Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning: the effects of tree and litter diversity”; Supervision: Dr. D. Prati, Dr. H. Auge, Prof. A. Hector.
1999-2005 Philipps-University Marburg, Germany.
Diploma degree in biology, specialising in ecology, zoology and microbiology.
Diploma thesis: “The effects of linkages between aboveground and belowground biota on plant community structure”; Supervision: Dr. M. Schädler, Prof. R. Brandl.

Teaching courses in education, specialising in secondary-school level biology and geography.
Intermediate teacher’s certificate.
2002-2003 Imperial College London, UK.
Erasmus visit. Undergraduate courses in basic and applied ecology, conservation and evolution.
Honours thesis in plant ecology: “Does native or exotic origin affect the tolerance to herbivores in the invasive plant Cytisus scoparius?”; Supervision: Dr. Y. Buckley.



Haase, J., Brandl, R., Scheu, S. & Schädler, M. (2008) Above- and belowground interactions are mediated by nutrient availability. Ecology 89: 3072-3081.

Schädler, M., Brandl, R. & Haase, J. (2007) Antagonistic interactions between plant competition and insect herbivory. Ecology 88: 1490-1498.

In preparation/submitted

Vilà M., Vayreda J., Bugmann H., Fridman J., Grodzki W., Haase J., Kändler G., Kunstler G., Schelhaas M.J., Trasobares A. & Scherer-Lorenzen M. (2011) Are mixed forests more productive than monospecific forests?

Zimmer M., Auge H., von Wühlisch G., Schueler S. & Haase J. (2011) Environmental conditions rather than genetic background determine the protein-precipitating capacity of phenolic compounds in beech litter.

Haase J., Auge H., Hector A. & Prati D. (2011) Positive effects of tree diversity on productivity are density-dependent.

Haase J. & Prati D. (2011) Root overproduction in response to inter- and intraspecific competition in tree seedlings.

Haase J., Prati D., Zimmer M. & Auge H. (2011) Phenotypic variation causes synergistic effects of intraspecific diversity on litter decomposition.

Haase J., Auge H., Scheu S. & Prati D. (2011) Soil fauna and litter species composition interactively determine litter decomposition in a temperate system.

Schulz H., Härtling S., Auge H. & Haase J. (2011) Complementarity in resource use among six European tree species.


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