Professor of Ecosystem Management

Tito de Morais, Claire

Claire Tito de Morais

ETH Zürich
Claire Tito de Morais
Institut f. Terrestrische Ökosysteme
CHN G 72
Universitätstrasse 16
8092 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 632 71 69

Curriculum Vitae

Since August 2010 PhD student in the working group "Ecosystem Management" of Prof. Jaboury Ghazoul
March - June 2010 Internship at UNEP Geneva, Participation in the World Environment Day (WED).
2008 – 2009 Master's degree: University of Science and Technology (Montpellier, France).
MSc thesis: Studies on the genetic and morphometric diversity of the date palm Phoenix dactylifera. Role of interspecific hybridization in cultivars from Oman. Center of Bio-Archeology and Ecology (CNRS, Montpellier, France) and Diversity and Adaptation of Cultivated Plants. (IRD Montpellier, France).
2007 – 2008 Master's degree (1st year):“Université Libre” of Brussels (Belgium)
Internship in plant ecology. Laboratory of Genetics and Evolution of Plants.“Université Libre” of Brussels (Belgium).
June - August 2007 Fieldwork for the Research Office “Phytotrop” with Dr. Denis Loubry. Botanic expertise following the reforestation of a mining site in French Guyana.
2003 – 2006 Studies in Ecology, major topic: plant biology University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse (France).

PhD project

A complete understanding of the mechanisms that maintain species coexistence in tropical plant communities continue to elude ecologists. Various hypotheses have been advanced, no single theory emerges as a principle determinant of species distributions and diversity. One important but missing element of this theory is the role of gene flow (by pollen and seed dispersal) and genetic variation in shaping competitive outcomes within and among species.
We seek to explore the degree to which seed dispersal is inversely correlated with pollen flow, and the extent to which this relationship is shaped by tree distributional patterns and competition among seedlings based on relatedness.
We will explore a set of hypotheses relating to these ideas in dipterocarps trees in a tropical lowland forest site in Borneo.
We will use ecological approaches (nursery experiments, field experiments) and molecular techniques ( nuclear and chloroplastic microsatellite markers) to investigate the distributions and spatial genetic structure of adult trees, relatedness among seedlings, and patterns of dispersal.


Terral J.F., Newton C., Ivorra S., Gros-Balthazard M., Tito de Morais C., Picq S., Tengberg M., Pintaud J.C. (2011) Insights into the historical biogeography of the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) using geometric morphometry of modern and ancient seeds. Journal of Biogeography, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2699.2011.02649.x


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