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Ecology and Ecosystems Seminar Series

Next Speaker:

Dr. Lucy Rist (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) will be visiting to give a seminar on adaptive management.

Thursday 25th September 2014 (CAB G56, 13:30)


New book

Forests: A Very Short Introduction
- pre-order now at OUP!

Sustainability Blog

Reforestation: a chance for farmers | 3 June 2014

Future farmers | 19 December 2013

Dark side of coffee | 11 November 2013

In the Media

Die Pflanze unseres Lebens (The plants of our lives) | NZZ am Sonntag | 23 February 2014 | Article on our oil palm work (in German).

New Publications

Born, J. et al. (2014) Differing life history characteristics support coexistence ... . Biotropica, 46, 58-68.

Braaker, S., et al. (2014) Habitat connectivity shapes urban arthropod communities... Ecology, 95, 1010-1021.

Braaker, S. et al. (2014) Assessing habitat connectivity ... Ecological Applications, in press.

Frei, E., et al. (2014) Plastic responses to elevated temperature ... PLOS One, 9, e98677.

Frei, E., et al. (2014) Plant population differentiation and climate change... Global Change Biology, 20, 441-455.

Ghazoul, J. (2014) Ecological dynamics in fragmented landscapes. Oxford Bibliographies in Ecology see here

Ismail, S.A., et al. (2014) Forest trees in human modified landscapes... PLOS One, 9, e89437.

Kaiser-Bunbury, C., et al. (2014) ... the structure of plant-pollinator networks. Ecology, in press.

Lee, J.S.H., et al. (2013) Environmental impacts of oil palm ... Conservation Letters, 7, 25-33.

Matter, P., et al. (2014) Geographic distance ... and outbreeding .... Journal of Ecology, 102, 518–530.

Discovering nature's wonder

An interview with Jaboury Ghazoul on


Prof. Jaboury Ghazoul

Associated Groups

Dr. Claude Garcia (Forest Development)


Ankara M. Chen (Administration)
Kirsti Määttänen (Lab Manager)

Oberassistenten /Group Leaders

Robert Bagchi
Chris Kettle (Group Leader in Conservation Genetics)
Andrea Pluess
Florian Knaus

Postdoctoral Researchers

Josephine Haase
Chue Poh Tan
Ainhoa Magrach

PhD Students

John Garcia-Ulloa
Claire Tito de Morais
Emma Morgan
Maike Nesper
James Smith
Olivia Rickenbach
Charlotte Pavageau

External PhD Students

Christoph Bachofen, WSL


Prof. Lian Pin Koh
Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment (ATREE)
Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)
Seychelles Island Foundation
University of Aberdeen and Sabah Forestry Department
Imperial College London

Former Members

Boreux, Virginie, Dr.
Born, Julia, Dr.
Ditt, Eduardo
Finger, Aline, Dr.
Frei, Maja
Hahn, Thomas, Dr.
Hennig, Ernest, Dr.
Humbert, Jean-Yves, Dr.
Huschauer, Viola
Ismail, Sasha, Dr.
Kaiser-Bunbury, Christopher, Dr.
Kipfer, Tabea
Klank, Charlotte, Dr.
Krishnan, Smitha, Dr.
Matter, Philippe, Dr.
Maycock, Colin, Dr.
Lee, S.H. Janice, Dr.
Leuenberger, Jörg
Richter, Sarah
Rist, Lucy, Dr.
Sereke, Firesenai, Dr.


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